Commercial Photography Rates

These prices apply to Commercial Photography jobs only

Book me by the hour:
1st Full hour is £100 and each subsequent hour is £80
Traveling is charged at 40 p per mile from and back to Blairgowrie

Half day (3 1/2 hours): £275 Traveling up to 175 miles round trip is included
Full Day (7  Hours): £375 Traveling up to 175 miles round trip is included

Notes on Pricing:
A half day must not cross 12.30pm, ie 9 – 12 or 9.30 – 12.30 etc. This is to allow me to take another half day job on the same day if required. If you require a job that runs over 12.30pm then it becomes a full day job.

Bad Weather
Unless I hear differently, I will assume that the Client is happy for the job to proceed regardless of the weather. If, once I arrive at the location, the job is cancelled because of bad weather. The cost will be limited to traveling at 40p per mile from and to Blairgowrie

Images will be supplied as full resolution jpegs, raw files may be available on request.

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