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12th April 2020

Happy Easter Everyone – Stay at Home , Protect the NHS and Save Lives

Following on from recent news reports about some Wedding suppliers refusing to either reschedule a couples Wedding or give them back their money, I wanted to set out my views on this situation and how I have been, and will continue to, respond to clients requests for changes to their dates or cancellations of their Weddings

Firstly, we are in entirely new waters with this situation, no business owner could ever have predicted this set of circumstances when they set up their business and wrote out their terms of contract which is the basis to any agreement between the business and the client. I know that I certainly didn’t !

So far, every Wedding booking I have until the end of May except one has been either cancelled or moved to another date, June Weddings are starting to move now. Only one couple have actually decided to cancel their day entirely, the rest have asked to move to another day.  The clients who decided to cancel did not ask for their booking fee back and they didn’t expect to get it, they fully understood that this was their commitment to me that they wanted that date. One couple chose a new date which was already booked in my diary, they fully accepted this and did not ask for their booking fee back, they took a decision that the venue was their most important supplier and took the date that their venue had available.

I have been able to accommodate every other booking to new dates, October is very popular but most are moving to the corresponding date next year.  There is no charge to move the date, normally their would be a charge but we are all in this together and we must work together. This is the biggest day of peoples lives and its my job as a Wedding supplier to help minimise the stress of this as much as I can. I must also deal with the fact that my business has fallen off a cliff for the moment, I simply wont earn any money this side of summer and I am grateful for the announcement by the Chancellor a few weeks ago that self employed people will be assisted in the same way that employed people are.  Whilst there is no money coming in to the business, the costs of operating are still there.

My long term concern is that some businesses simply wont survive this, the economy will look entirely different on the other side. I am very lucky in that I have had a very successful business for a long number of years and have managed to build up a safety net, many others are not so fortunate.

I want to reassure all my clients that I will support them with whatever decision they make, moving their date for no extra charge, cancellations with loss of booking fee and I will work with their other suppliers to accommodate them as much as possible and most importantly, my business will still be here after this is all over.



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