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Estate Agents sell houses, thats their job, thats what they are good at. They are not photographers so don’t trust them to photograph your house if you want to maximize the value in it.  The very best option, especially if you house is at the upper end of the price scale (say in excess of £200k) is to employ a photographer. I work for a few estate agents who have a general rule that any property over £200k should be photographed professionally.

If you dont feel you can afford a professional photographer then here are a few tips to help you achieve the very best photographs of your house.

Work around the sun, dont photograph a room where the window is facing the sun, leave that room until later. Ideally do the interior photographs on a cloudy day
Photograph from about waist level, too high and the lines will converge
Use a tripod, it allows you time to compose the photograph and keep it steady
Use a small aperture – I prefer f16, that keeps most of the shot in focus
Use a low ISO for detail, ideally 50 or 100
Dont use flash, it will kill the natural warm light of most houses
Avoid trying to cram the entire room in, it looks wide but you lose detail and the vertical lines will bend
Dont use a phone camera, great as they are, they really are not up to the job
Photograph the exteriors on a good day with a blue sky
Look for details in your house, unusual cornices or original doors / windows

Here are a few photos taken by an estate agent then the same house photographed by me at the request of the client – I hope its obvious which ones are mine

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