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Clearing out my Mothers possessions after she died recently, I stumbled across her Wedding album. she was married in 1957 in St Aidens Church, Broughty Ferry. I had no idea she had kept the album, after all my Dad died in 1972 and she had moved house three times. Somehow or other it had survived and it’s in great condition.

It wasn’t just the style of the album that jumped out at me as something that has changed, this is an album where the photos are printed (in black and white obviously) and are then stuck into the pages of the book but the style of Wedding Photography is so different now. There are no photos taken inside the Church, that was presumably forbidden in those days, rather its basically a book full off group photos with just the odd “capture the moment” photo thrown in for good measure, how times have changed. I am surprised if I take more than 12 group photos out of a typical 300 or so. There were hardly any photos of my Mum and Dad, either together or separately and there is still a photo with someone with eyes closed, nothing has changed there!

However, the main thing that surprised me is the fact that she kept the album and its a great family history record, I’ll keep it as part of my history.

This got me thinking, I never push couples to buy an album from me, most of my clients take the USB stick and thats that. However, finding this album made me think, no one would keep a USB stick in the future, quite probably technology will move on and they will be unreadable (think VHS Video for those old enough to know what that is). The one and only way to ensure that your Wedding photography is readable for future generations is to have a printed album.

I am now even more convinced than I ever was that albums are the way forward, they can be passed on from generation to generation and modern printing techniques mean they will maintain their colour and quality for ever.

I dont intend to make people buy an album from me but I’ll certainly be suggesting they get one from someplace. You can see the album options on this page of my website http://angusforbesphotography.com/wedding-photography/


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